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The Noosa Tri is now at your fingertips! For athletes and spectators, the updated Noosa Tri App is now available on Apple and Android.

Designed just for you, this app provides all the info you need for the event including:

  • Super handy interactive course maps
  • Includes the Athlete Tracker - live athlete tracking for supporters, with live timing results from locations throughout the course
  • An easy to follow event schedule, with Google map links
  • Direct access to timing results

This is your guide for everything event related and will help ensure you know where you need to be when, and have a fantastic weekend to remember!

To download:
Apple: go to your App Store and search Noosa Triathlon
Android: go to your Google Play Store and search NoosaTriathlon

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Athlete check-in is on Friday 29 October (10:00am - 7:00pm) & Saturday 30 October (10:00am - 4:00pm) in the Check-In Tent at Festival Village, Noosa Woods.

We need to see your Photo ID (Driver's Licence, Passport etc) to check you in and give you your race kit. While we love mates who look out for mates unfortunately you can’t check in on behalf of someone else. It’s illegal for someone else to compete under your name or for you to compete under someone else's name. This is for the safety of yourself and all competitors and it’s critical we know who is on the course at all times. Please make sure the right team members / individuals are listed on your entry - this can be changed at the Help Desk at Check-In.

In your race kit you will be issued:

  • Race Bib Number (to be worn the run)
  • Bike Seat Post Number Sticker
  • Helmet Number Sticker
  • Number tattoo (individual athletes and team runner only)
  • Category Tattoo (individual athletes only)
  • ID Wristband (Teams will receive 3 wristbands, 1 for each team member)
  • Timing Chip
  • Coloured swim cap - latex
  • Event Pack - containing ASICS event gear & sponsor giveaways

Please secure your ID wristband prior to leaving the check-in area on Friday or Saturday. This band will identify you as an official race competitor and must be worn at all times. The wristband is your means of access into transition over the weekend.

Clydesdale & Athena Weigh In

All Clydesdales and Athenas will be required to Check in at the Help Desk to complete their weigh in. If you do not meet the eligibility, you will be moved to your Age Group.

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Athlete Info Guide

Grab a cuppa and read through the Athlete Information Guide (AIG) from front to back as it will cover everything you need to know pre-event, race day and post event so that all you have to worry about is having more fun than your mates on race day.

The 2021 AIG is now available to review.

View 2021 AIG

Athlete Lists

Accurate as at 9am 29 September 2021 (Individuals) and 9am 30 September 2021 (Relay teams)

Please review the Athlete list which provides a breakdown of athletes entered into each category as well as their Bib Number, Category, TriClub, Category Group and Swim Cap Colour.;

We ask that all participants please take the time to review this carefully before race weekend and ensure details are correct.

Use 'CTRL F' to search your name.



Swim Starts

Swim starts are released about 2 weeks out from the event. All competitors will receive their swim cap in their race kit (which you collect at Athlete Check-In). Please check that your swim cap colour reflects the colour of your rolling category start group.

The Noosa Triathlon will once again feature a Rolling Category Wave Start. Athletes will seed themselves within their respective category or age group, based on their projected swim times.

Within each rolling category start there will be 4 Start Zones. You can avoid being overtaken by stronger swimmers by seeding yourself with athletes of a similar skill and ability level.

The four Start Zones are:
Zone 1 - Under 28 minutes
Zone 2 - Between 28 - 31 minutes
Zone 3 - Between 31 - 35 minutes
Zone 4 - Over 35 minutes

View 2021 Swim Starts


Bike Racking for Individuals and Teams is Saturday 30 October (10.00am - 4:30pm).

To enter transition your bike must display your seat post sticker, and you must wear your corresponding ID wristband found in your Race Kit (which you collect at Check-In).

Your bike will be visually inspected by Triathlon Australia officials. This is not a guarantee of safety. Competitors are responsible for their bikes being in safe working order. You should ensure your bike, as well as your helmet, is in safe working order before presenting to transition.

Security will be on duty Saturday night and Sunday morning. It’s a good idea to take a photo of where you’re bike is racked in transition or add a colour ribbon to your bike. The end of the racks will be numbered.

Find out about Transition Tours and Tri Clinics under the Services section below.


The free Noosa Triathlon Transition tours provide you with detailed information on the flow of transition. This will help you understand what you need to do on race day and how to easily get around transition and back out onto the course. A useful tool to help you achieve your best on race day and set you up for the ultimate finish experience.

Tours operate on Saturday 30 October at 11am and 2pm, and are limited to 60 spots. Once they are filled additional clinics will be opened up for registration.

Please Note: 

Please ensure you arrive at Transition 5 minutes prior to the start time to ensure the tour starts on time.

If you are unable to attend once you have booked, please email to cancel, so another athlete can join.

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The Noosa Triathlon Tri Clinics are free and run by two of our super coaches from the Sunshine Coast.

Nick Croft from Multisport Consultants - 2 time Noosa Triathlon winner and over 25 years experience in the sport.

Toby Coote from Sunshine Coast Triathlon Academy - competed as a professional triathlete for six years and coached for over 15 years and is a Level 2 Triathlon Coach and worked as part of the National High-Performance Coaching team.

These Triathlon clinics are set up to provide you with useful tips to help you through your race day.  They will prepare you step-by-step from Race Preparation, tips for each leg of the race, transition process and helping you to achieve your best, and setting you up for the ultimate finish line experience.

Tours operate on Saturday 30 October at 9am with Toby Coote and 11am with Nick Croft, and are limited to 60 spots. Once they are filled additional clinics will be opened up for registration.

Please Note: 

Please ensure you arrive at Transition 5 minutes prior to the start time to ensure the tour starts on time.

If you are unable to attend once you have booked, please email to cancel, so another athlete can join.

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Our experienced team of therapists are there to help you get ready and recovery from your race day.

Times and Location:

Friday 29: 9am - 6pm - Festival Village, Noosa Woods

Saturday 30: 9am - 4pm - Festival Village, Noosa Woods

Sunday 31: 8am - 4pm - Recovery Area, Lions Park

Massage outside these hours by negotiation with the therapists directly.


Cost: $20 per 15 minutes

Bookings: Please email to make bookings, until Thursday 28 3pm. After this, please book in-person onsite.


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Medical Info

It is strongly advised that you take out personal medical insurance for the duration of your stay, especially for international competitors. Under the Australian Health Act, non-Australians are not covered financially for personal injury. If you do have an accident you must pay for your own medical expenses. Therefore it is essential for you to obtain adequate personal medical insurance.

Triathlon Australia provides a One Day Race Membership and Annual Membership that provides some coverage for personal accident insurance. You will need to review their policy for details it can be found at